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Smiley Faces - Snowglobe Elements infuse a delightful burst of citrusy charm into your crafting endeavors. These whimsical elements feature miniature lemon slices suspended within translucent globes, creating a vibrant and refreshing visual display reminiscent of a sunny orchard.


Embark on a crafting journey like never before with Snowglobe Elements – an enchanting collection of custom-mixed clay sprinkle pieces designed to add a touch of magic to your snowglobe tumblers!


Here's why Snowglobe Elements, now available in 10g packages, are a must-have for every crafting magician:


🌟Custom-Mixed Alchemy: Immerse yourself in the magic of custom-mixed clay pieces, each uniquely crafted to add a spellbinding allure to your snowglobe tumblers. Snowglobe Elements are a symphony of colors and shapes that transform ordinary crafts into extraordinary works of art.


🌈Crafting Magic, Safe and Secure: Craft with peace of mind. Snowglobe Elements, now conveniently packaged in 10g portions, are not meant for human consumption, ensuring safety in every creation. Keep the magic alive while keeping them out of reach of children, as these elements are exclusively crafted for the magical world of crafting.


🌌Unleash Your Artistic Powers: Infuse your crafts with the power of creativity! Snowglobe Elements are hand mixed solely for the purpose of unleashing your artistic potential, allowing you to experiment, create, and transform your projects into masterpieces.


Experience the thrill of magical crafting with Snowglobe Elements. Let your imagination run wild, sprinkle a dash of enchantment into your creations, and watch as your crafting dreams come to life.


Please read out our Terms & Conditions for further information before purchasing

Smiliey Faces- Snowglobe Elements 10g


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