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DTF transfers are a type of transfer printed using a water-based DTF ink printed onto a clear film. It can be applied to any material and fabric.


These are HOT on the market & require NO weeding they are ready to press! All you need is a heatpress and some blank T-shirts to start a T-shirt business. 


How to apply our DTF Transfers

DTF transfers do require a commercial grade heat press due to even heavy pressure needed for the correct application. You CANNOT use a Cricut heat press or at home irons. DTF transfers require even and heavy pressure.

How to Press our DTF Transfers

Prepress garment to remove any excess moisture the material may have 

Pressing Temperature: 148°C - 160°F


Please read out our Terms & Conditions for further information before purchasing

MINI Jasmine - DTF Transfer

10-14 days

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