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Lust - Chunky Glitter Mix embodies the essence of seduction and allure, offering a captivating array of chunky glitter particles that exude sensuality and sophistication. This mix features a sultry combination of deep, rich colors and dazzling textures, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your makeup looks, nail art, or craft projects.


Boss Babe glitter is formulated to work seamlessly with our Boss Flow Snowglobe Solutions so we cant guarantee its performance in other solutions.


✨ Discover the Elegance of our Chunky Glitter Mix

✨ Generous 60g pouch

✨ Crafted from High-Quality

✨ Pet eco-friendly material

✨ Withstands Solvents with Resilience

✨ Exhibits Remarkable Heat Resistance

✨ Embraces Water Resistance for Enduring Glamour


Experience the splendour of Boss Babe Glitter – a radiant companion to your extraordinary shine. Our Boss Flow Snowglobe Solution is especially formulated to handle fine glitter.


Please read out our Terms & Conditions for further information before purchasing

Lust - Chunky Glitter Mix 60g


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