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The Gold & Silver Glitter Collection - Chunky Mix is a luxurious fusion of timeless elegance and shimmering sophistication. This collection features chunky glitter particles in radiant gold and dazzling silver hues, offering a glamorous touch to your crafting projects.


Boss Babe glitter is formulated to work seamlessly with our Boss Flow Snowglobe Solutions so we cant guarantee its performance in other solutions.


✨ Discover the Elegance of our Chunky Glitter Mix

✨ Generous 60g pouch

✨ Crafted from High-Quality

✨ Pet eco-friendly material

✨ Withstands Solvents with Resilience

✨ Exhibits Remarkable Heat Resistance

✨ Embraces Water Resistance for Enduring Glamour


Experience the splendour of Boss Babe Glitter – a radiant companion to your extraordinary shine. Our Boss Flow Snowglobe Solution is especially formulated to handle fine glitter.


Please read out our Terms & Conditions for further information before purchasing

Gold & Sliver Glitter Collection - Chunky Mix


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